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How are the wood products processed?

Yeah, how are the wood products processed?
This beautiful golden essence, requires great commitment in its work because of its hardness.
The wood products can be carved, turned, milled, polished and with the necessary precautions curved too.

A characteristic feature of the Loran-shop items, it is the absence of surface treatments.
We took this decision because many of these precious wood product objects will be your kitchen or on your table.
Safety comes first than any other aspect, we don't compromise.

We are sure you will appreciate our "nature" choice.

This constraint also applies to a very limited number of kitchen utensils, such as the cut truffles.

Our philosophy is to leave the wood as well as "mother nature" created it.


Our decision to exclude unnecessary sophisticated processes, drived us  to give priority to human manufacturing than the automatic one.
This choice is evident on the final result.
A Loran-shop item isn't only a joy for the eyes because in addition it is an emotional experience for touch.
We suggest you to caress one object of ours, because there is no picture or word that can better explain this experiential feeling.

In every craftmade wood shop, you can find an infinite number of manual and electric styling tools.
Some processes of wood product objects are performed by traditional electrical tools, such as for example: the band saw, the manual lathe and various types of sanders.
The Loran-shop collection, even if supported in some cases by electric tools, is always made manually and never robotic.
The most amazing and magical aspect of craftsmanship is the freehand sculpture.
The transformation of the wood, in this case, takes place by the use of "ancient" tools as:
gouges, axes, chisels, rasps and many others.
These ancient tools are irreplaceable also nowadays, because from the point of view of the craftsman, they are a genuine vehicle
of expression.

A great skill and an indispensable basis of knowledge on the physics of the wood are required in their utilization.
The ability of their utilization is acquired after long years of apprenticeship in the shop and often it is
handed down from father to son.
For sure it is not "stuff for dummies" and the quickly learn is an unknown attitude in this

Both manual or electric tools are used alternately depending on the needs of the craftsman in order to
achieve a unique purpose, i.e. to create emotions.


The constant factor in every manufacturing process is the "Presence" of the man, with his sensitivity and
his infinite experience.
But it isn't an easy task, because that wood is a living material and always variable for weaving,
homogeneity, hardness and colours.
Each piece is observed, touched, carefully evaluated, because it is living material and so
it has many variable aspects to consider.
When the craftsman has a raw piece of wood products, it has to decide "how to" work it,
respecting the right direction of the grain.
To do this, it is necessary to evaluate the direction and density of the fibers, the presence of knots to highlight or eliminate.
For this reason you can't entrust such work to the "cold numerical" control machines.

At the sight then, every created object is presented like a unique creation.

There is no bowl equal to another one.

As well as there is no ring equal another one.

Please, be understanding and do not ask the same and standardized items, because we cannot accommodate you!

The Master is the Nature.
The Nature draws its veins and decides the colours.
And like a fingerprint, these magnificent drawings are never the same.
We are sure that you will appreciate it when you have a unique and unrepeatable piece in your hands.

In the laboratory, a skilled craftsman has to understand how to work the particular piece of wood
anticipating the "movements" of the wood because, even after the seasoning, it will continue to change, even if
It is necessary to avoid future cracks or at least to limit their number, since we can only indulge
the Nature and never completely dominate it.
Here lies the fascinating aspect of this "unique" material known as "wood".
The possibility that even a small crack can appear on a Loranshop handmade item must not
scare you, because it is an evident demonstration that this matter, is still alive.

So let us appreciate it for what it is:
a material so magical, so rebel.

Happy websurfing on these pages ! 

For other details you can see our woodworking video


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