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Who we are


Our target is to provide an accurate selection of Olive Wood handmade products coming from all Italian regions and also from the rest of the world.


What we want to convey is that unique feeling you can get in a workshop: a magical place where you look for a special and unique experience.


Only the love and the passion of these field workers, who take care about the realization of each object, piece by piece, who puts art, knowledge and passion in every single item, may transmit these deep feeling to the visitor. The experience is the same you feel when you bring at home an object that, even in its simplicity, becomes precious because it will be 100% unique.

With this state of mind we invite you to snoop through the collections, we are sure you can find the soul and the poetry of these handmade workers.


Loran shop was created and developed by people with the same great passion: the passion for special products, unique and high-quality items, often made with recycled materials or with natural materials and treated with biological processes.

The idea is to create an open and dynamic space from one side able to help, promote and support the great wealth of artistic and handicraft production of Italy and the world, in the other side it creates a showcase that allows fans like us to learn, explore and buy handmade or handcrafted products, with sustainable and environmentally friendly procedures, creating the trait d'union between supply and demand often missing.


The LoranShop Staff selects, personally, the products to be exhibited, meets people and craftsmen, often visit the workshops directly, in order to discover and verify that the philosophy behind the proposed products matches with our mission, noting that the products are handmade and/or craft and trying to know artisans and producers through interviews and informal talks.
Once the phase of knowledge and verification of production procedures is well known, the selected products are inserted in our Collections. The direct and continuous contact with manufactures creates the necessary dynamism to offer ad hoc productions for the various moments of the year and also it allows to satisfy customization requests (customization of products are only available for certain categories, in particular for  Wooden product).

We invite everyone to a fascinating navigation through the various Collections, the discovery of scents, colors and sensations, old traditions and new ideas told by the unique personalities of our craftsmen. The hope is to be able to share and transmit our passion to each visitor .

We remind you that we are available to consider the handicrafts from all over the world and has the ambitious plan to become a great virtual marketplace without borders or barriers.

Happy Websurfing!


The Loran Shop Staff:

Andrea Birri : Ceo and founder

Loris Menossi : co-founder

Giuseppe Di Fede : English translations and scripts

Fulvio Staffoni : blogger

Pamela Palazzini : products management

Erica Cernei : photo editing

and others...




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