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A Real and Cool Drink, Togheter With Your Best Friends.

What is more beautiful than an "Italian Cocktail" with your CloseFriends?  Do you think I am talking about the “Italian Cocktail Relax” you usually have on Friday evening, in order to put a “stop label” on your hard and busy week? After an Italian Cocktail together with your friends, you are sure to forget all bad events and the big load of work related to your last terrible project! Buuuut, let me say that some ITALIAN COCKTAILS are better than others! So, from my point of view, an Italian Cocktail arranged to your own house is cooler than a cocktail consumed in a bar, in any bar of our planet! Why? Please, let me explain. When you arrange an Italian...

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The Handicraft is an Art

Handicraft: it is an old and glorious word, made by the constant struggle between the master craftsman and its work. Is it a fight or a lovely hug? It is very difficult to say! Yet, the artisan creates its work manually, it seems that the artisan smooths the object with its eyes more than with the sacred tools of its craft. Meticulous work, always passionate, performed in rare and unique shops, looking for poor and local materials, but very high quality, in order to enhance what it seems fragile and without any obvious attraction. The  LoranShop artisan artist loves its land, from the high quality olive woods it creates ancient and new objects, using only natural processes, avoiding any use...

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Charm For Each Sense

Heat, energy, indomitability, tenacity, vitality. These are some of the possible feelings that a fresh cut humble piece of olive tree is able to evoke. But the charm isn't only a visual and tactile aspect.  As soon as you are close to the wooden work piece, you can enjoy the given off delicate aroma declaring the strong personality of this precious ancient essence. Every sense is involved when a craftsman comes into contact with this living substance. When you sweep your finger, you can see its titanic hardness, while the oiliness of its fibers reminds you the taste sensations of its fruits. If you beat your knuckles you can hear the muffled sound of its material massive such as metal....

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What is the meaning of Customer Service from our point of view?

"Quality is to satisfy the customer's needs and exceed their own expectations by continuing to improve." WILLIAM EDWARDS DEMING "The delayed delivery or the damage of the products, the inaccurate billing, a poor care or other hitches cause negative reactions in customers. The task of the marketing is to induce all members of the company to the "customer orientation" and to maintain the promise of the brand." PHILIP KOTLER Customer Service is our strength. We focus all our efforts to satisfy your requests! Have you got a request to make? Have you got a desire to satisfy? Have you got a curiosity or a question? Do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or chat, we are at your...

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Welcome to Loran Shop: your web craft experience

Here we are! The beginning of a new adventure. We like a lot the handicraft, we just love it and do you know why? We worship it because it is the greatest expression of "how to". The genius combined with the manual ability to create quotidian objects, ceramics, works of art, jewelry and so on! How ols is the handicraft? For sure it is very ancient because... it appeared with the human being! Italy is the cradle craft, one of the strongest points of our Land. Italian small workshops produce and preserve treasures that deserve to be discovered and admired. If you pay attention when look at them, you can feel the inspiration and artist's soul. The beautiful country is...

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